“Red Tape” is constantly raised by businesses all over Regional WA as an inhibitor for business growth and something that is incredibly frustrating for business owners. RCCIWA is conducting this survey to find out the actual details of any type of “red tape” you encounter across all three tiers of Government. It may be a process, a form, a rule, a regulation, or legislation or anything that is imposed that makes running your business unnecessarily difficult. What we are looking for is real examples of any type of “red tape” that is an obstacle to you going about your business in your business.

All three tiers of Government are committed to removing as much “red tape”as possible to make it easier for businesses to grow and to remove the burden on them. They are genuinely committed to this; however they cannot do this without practical and real examples – so your co-operation in completing this survey is greatly encouraged. Help us to help make it easier for you to do business.

Please note that your personal details will not be shared, without your direct permission.

This Survey will close on Friday August 14th at 5pm.
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