* 1. Based on your interview, did the content of your job meet your expectations?

* 2. I received the necessary tools to do my job effectively. (i.e computer/phone)

* 3. The training/mentoring I received to date has been effective and helpful to me in making the transition to Rowan University.

* 4. Fellow co-workers have been helpful and willing to assist me in gaining the knowledge I need to be effective.

* 5. At this time, I have a good understanding of the University and where I fit in.

* 6. I have a good feel for how the University is structured and would feel comfortable in addressing issues with my manager.

* 7. I received accurate and complete information at orientation from HR relating to benefits, policies, etc.

* 8. For any follow up with HR, the staff has been accessible and timely in their responses.

* 9. My transition to Rowan University as a new employee met my expectations.

* 10. How would you improve the orientation process? Would you add any topics that you feel were not covered?

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