Survey on Social Media in Public Life E-Conference - National and Community Service Training

The Corporation for National and Community Service has a call out for bids for national training assistance. Category Two seeks to meet the "goal of providing high quality training and other events through innovative and cost effective means" with $3.5 million available for a number of providers. We think we might have an idea that could attract a modest portion of those funds.

With your help, E-Democracy.Org is exploring a proposal for an special one-week "Social Media and Public Life E-Conference" followed by regional in-person community service "unconferences" (also known as barcamps in the tech world) and the conversion of e-conference content into a world-class collection of on-demand webinars.

With this survey you can "register" your interest to attend, partner with the proposal/offer in-kind support, propose e-workshop topics and presenters (including yourself on a potential sub-contract), etc..

If you need more information before answering the survey, please visit our wiki-based information page. Links to provide further comment and get involved are available there as well.

ALL questions are optional.

* 1. Would you participate in a multi-day e-conference on "Social Media in Public Life" with an emphasis on using online tools and strategies in community and national service?

* 2. Due to the economic recession are you participating in fewer traditional in-person conferences and training opportunities due to cost (fees, travel, lodging, etc.)?

* 3. Regardless of the current economy, do you find traditional in-person community service conferences and training difficult to participate in due to lack of availability in your local area, travel costs, time availability, disability, or family/child care situation, etc?

* 4. What roles would you see yourself playing in the e-conference?

* 5. What skills would you like to build? What knowledge would you like to gain? What potential workshop topics would interest you most?

* 6. What skills, knowledge, and experiences would you like to *share* with other participants?

* 7. While the majority of the event costs would be covered by this grant if received, a fee is important to ensure participant commitment. What registration fee is reasonable (imagine scores of small group exchanges, 30 profile workshops repeated through the week and available on-demand, a few live keynote speakers and panels, etc. at a level not easy to find free online)?

* 8. How many people in your organization, program, or other friends and contacts do you think you would register and participate in the e-conference with your encouragement? (Assume a price of $25, $10 for students/low income.)

* 9. What "public" social media tools do you currently use? How?

* 10. Other than yourself, who would you like to see lead or present a workshop? This could be someone from your organization, someone you've seen speak, etc.

* 11. If you like to be considered as a potential e-workshop presenter, speaker, etc. please share a simple topic title and your contact information. Please include links to your public presence online if any. Our proposal will seek the level of resources required to support a number of high quality, well recommended e-speakers for 5 to 10 days of work on contract. You may be listed in as an interested e-speaker in our submission, but the actual selection of sub-contractors will involve a round of outreach, session outlining and feedback from likely e-conference participants.

* 12. Unconference - Are you interested in participating in a post-e-conference regional/local day long in-person "unconference" to exchange knowledge and experience? (In a typical "unconference" (also known as "barcamps" or "open space" gatherings) starts with a theme that attracts people and a group process to identify topics for exchange. People then break into small groups and then reconvene sharing highlights from their session with full group.)

* 13. If your organization is also preparing a national service training bid and would like to partner in some way, let us know here. We are open to all sort of collaborative arrangements.

* 14. If you would like e-mail updates on the possibility of an e-conference and/or related in-person "unconferences" on Social Media in Public Life, please leave your e-mail address. It will not be used for any other purpose.

* 15. If you left your e-mail above, please select any additional information you would like to receive:

* 16. Bonus Question - Share the names and links to your favorite online sources of news, information, discussion/community, inspiration, and perspiration related to community service (local on up, from blogs and twitter feeds to sites in other countries). We will compile and share the list.

* 17. Additional comments: