Unity Family Feedback Survey Mar 2023

1.Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback to inform the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) programming at Unity Minneapolis! 

Hearing what's important to you and your willingness to jump into the next phase will be super helpful in crafting the most engaging, meaningful youth programming possible!
I anticipate this survey will take 5-6 minutes of your time. Thanks again!

The child/ren in my care are in the following program areas.
Check all that apply.
2."We lovingly serve youth and families in a safe, loving, fun environment devoted to spiritual exploration and honoring our connection as unique expressions of God."
How well does this mission align with what you see happening in YFM?
3.Please check which aspects of current YFM programming you are already aware of.(Required.)
4.Which aspects of current programming are you/your family enthusiastic to participate in? Check all that apply.(Required.)
5.Are you/your family satisfied with current Youth and Family programming?(Required.)
6.What gets in the way of you/your family participating in YFM activities? Select all that apply.
7.Below are some ideas for new programming brought forth by our team of YFM volunteers. Please select any you'd like to participate in.
8.Volunteers are the heart of YFM! Please check any/all of the following that would bring you joy to contribute to this ministry (or continue contributing if you are already involved).
9.As you may have heard, Unity Minneapolis will move to one service - at 10:00 AM, starting May 7th. Will this change affect your family's attendance on Sundays?
10.Thank you immensely for the gift of your time and your feedback. With your help we will create the next grandest version of Unity Minneapolis’ Youth & Family Ministry that is both spiritually enriching and a beacon of light regardless of the times we find ourselves in. Love and blessings!

Any other feedback you'd like to share? For instance, suggestions for enhancing YFM programming?

Current Progress,
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