Best Specialty Product Award Voting

There are two awards for this category (they do not need to be 'New' products):
  1. Best Confectionery/Food/Souvenirs
  2. Best Jewellery/Watches/Handbags/Accessories

    This year we are not providing a list of suggest products for this category. You are open to vote for any product you feel performed well within the categories of; Confectionery/Food/Souvenirs or Jewellery/Watches/Handbags/Accessories. The points will be tabulated in the same manner as the Best New Fragrance/Cosmetic and Spirits/Tobacco categories with 3 points being awarded to each first place item and so on.

    Deadline for submitting your vote is Monday, September 21, 2018.

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* 3. Best Confectionery/Food/Souvenirs (pls. rank in order by noting your top choice first etc.)


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* 4. Best Jewellery/Watches/Handbags/Accessories (pls. rank in order by noting your top choice first etc.)