The purpose of these questions is to engage industry, consumers, and consumer representatives on the topics of data ownership, data use rights, and data responsibilities and to understand the different perspectives about data ownership, data use rights, and data responsibilities. The responses from the survey will be used as a reference for the white paper.
Any party may respond in a free form letter or by using survey monkey. Survey Monkey does allow for answers to be anonymous.  The questions for Insurer/ Producer/ Trade Association and Consumer Representative/ Consumer/ Regulator differ slightly. Questions for Insurer/ Producer/ Trade Association ask generally, what are the current practices, while questions for Consumer Representative/ Consumer/ Regulator are generally more of an opinion.

If you are not sure of your organization’s process for a question you may leave it blank.

The following definitions are only for the purposes of the survey:
  • “Consumer” means an individual, including a current or former applicant, policyholder, or insured, who is a resident of this state and whose personal information is used, or may be used, in connection with an insurance transaction.
  • "Consumer data" means any individually identifiable information gathered that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked to a consumer. “Consumer data” includes both public and nonpublic information but does not include de-identified information.  " Consumer data " also includes a consumer’s name, address, date of birth, and health information.
  • "Insurance transaction" means any transaction by or on behalf of insurers, producers, or insurance support organizations involving:
  1. The determination of a consumer’s eligibility for insurance coverage, rate, benefit, payment, or claim settlement;
  2. The servicing of an insurance application, policy, contract, or certificate;
  3. Marketing of a product or service to a consumer; or
  4. Any algorithm-based decision that involves a consumer’s personal information.
  • "Investigative consumer report" means a consumer report or portion of a consumer report in which information about an individual’s character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained through personal interviews with the individual’s neighbors, friends, associates, acquaintances, or others who may have knowledge concerning such items of information.
  • “Process” and” processing” mean: any operation or set of operations performed, whether by manual or automated means, on consumers’ data or on sets of consumers’ data, including the collection, use, sharing, sale storage, disclosure, analysis, deletion, or modification of data or personal information.

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