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This survey is for women who have given birth under the care of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the last two years. If you gave birth more than two years ago, your feedback is still really important to us, and you can email us at feedback@readingmaternityvoices.org.uk to share your thoughts.
Reading Maternity Voices is an independent NHS body led by a group of parents who have used local maternity services. Using your feedback, we work with senior staff to shape and improve maternity services at the hospital and in the community. Usually, we collate the survey results every three months, and then discuss them with hospital staff. During the current Covid-19 outbreak, we will be reviewing the survey results more regularly so that we can pick up on issues and share them with staff while they are current, as we recognise that things are changing rapidly as the virus situation progresses.

If you want to make more detailed comments, or raise a specific issue about your care, please email chair@readingmaternityvoices.org.uk. Your email will be treated in confidence, and your details kept confidential unless you agree otherwise. You can also make an official complaint via PALS. Please fill in as many questions as you can, as your experience and thoughts are important and help make a difference to local maternity care.

We are always looking for volunteers to join our friendly team and help us improve local maternity services. We do not collect any personal data on this survey, so if you are interested in learning more about joining us please email chair@readingmaternityvoices.org.uk

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