We are attempting to determine if Tuesday evening is the best day to hold the Thieves of Hearts fighter practice at Glenbrook North High School. This survey will help us figure out the best day of the week for the Spring semester (Jan-May) of 2010.

* Your SCA Name, real name, or put "parent of" if it applies to you:

* What is your primary reason for attending practice? (i.e. Activities you participate in at least once a month.)

* On average, how many days each month do you currently PARTICIPATE IN FIGHTING (Practice, drills, free play, teaching, etc) at our fighter practices?

  0 1 2 3 4

* In the Spring semester (Jan-May) of 2010, if fighter practice were on ONE of the following days, how many times per month will you attend? (i.e. if it were on Monday, how many times per month; if it were on Tuesday, how many time per month; etc.)

  0 1 2 3 4

* Which day(s) would you PREFER for Spring 2010? (You can pick more than one, or none if you don't care.)

* Additional comments?