Ontario’s Anti-Racism Act (2017) mandates public sectors, including police services, to collect race-based data. All police services in Ontario began collecting officers’ perception of race in Use of Force reports starting in January 2020. The Toronto Police Service (TPS) went one step further and included race data collection for Strip Searches.
The TPS has also developed a Race and Identity-Based Data Collection Strategy (RBDC Strategy), which represents a key part of the TPS’ commitment to equity, transparency and accountability.  The RBDC Strategy recently concluded its Phase 1 and publicly released the race-based data findings for Use of Force and Strip Searches. Videos providing more information regarding these findings, as well on the strip search and use of force procedures, can be accessed through the link provided above.

The TPS has also identified an initial set of actions to reduce racial disparities identified through data analysis, and to support organizational change for bias-free and fair policing.  We would like to hear what you think about the proposed actions and what we need to do to set us on the right track towards equitable policing.
The actions noted in this survey are only a starting point and TPS is committed to working together with communities and its members at every step of the way to further develop these actions and identify additional areas where we can do better. 
Please take a few minutes and complete our survey.  The survey is anonymous and you will not be asked to identify yourself.  
The survey must be completed in one session - once you exit the survey, you cannot return to complete it at a later time.  You can, however, return to previously answered questions while you are completing the survey.  The survey will be open until November 30, 2022.
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