The purpose of the research is designed to determine:

1. The overall number of major life transitions that people experience such as:

·       From childhood to adolescence
·       Moving out of your parents’ home
·       From youthful exploration to “settling down”
·       From school to the work-world
·       Marriage
·       Parenthood, etc.

2. What wisdom lessons were learned during major life transitions.

3. How applied wisdom affected our well-being, determined by how well people adjust to new situations that were created by life transitions.

4. What lessons baby boomers learned when they transitioned out of their full-time positions.

Privacy/Confidentiality: Your anonymous responses will be used for research purposes only.

Taking part is voluntary: Your involvement in this research is completely voluntary. You may refuse to participate before the study begins, discontinue at any time, or skip any questions/procedures that you don’t want to answer, with no penalty, and no impact on your relationship with the persons who may be involved with the research.


Question Title

* 1. What is your age?

Question Title

* 2. Wisdom Learned and Applied in Your Life Transitions Question.


A. Describe major life transitions that you have experienced. (You can start from early childhood and move to the present or from the present to the past.)

B. When did the event happen: Either your age or the year of age that you experienced it.

C.  Write down the wisdom lessons that you learned from each life transition which you can apply to make successful transition in the future.

D. What did you do to adapt to the new situation?

Question Title

* 3. Transition Questions for Retired Baby Boomers