Survey introduction

Dear Daintree resident/business owner,

In 2017, the Queensland Government made a commitment to explore sustainable electricity supply options for your region. As part of this commitment, the Government engaged KPMG to undertake an independent analysis of different supply options for the Daintree. With the first stage of this analysis now complete, the Government is interested in understanding your thoughts and views about the supply options and study.

It is important to note that the Government is not making a decision to support any particular option at this time.
The purpose of this survey is to engage the wider Daintree community, both residents and businesses, to understand the range of views and the level of interest in different electricity supply options. This feedback will help inform the Government on the best long-term sustainable solution for your region.
If you live in the Daintree and also own a business in the Daintree, and these premises operate on different electricity systems, please fill out a survey for each system. You may need to use different browsers or devices to do so. 

Please note, relevant details from the study are provided throughout the survey. The findings from the study are also publicly available on the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy’s website at:
The survey should take around 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your feedback and time given to help the Government understand your views.
Note: Individual responses are confidential to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, and will input into a collated report on community views. Your individual responses will not be available to other members of the community.

About the Daintree Electricity Supply Study

The Daintree Electricity Supply Study identifies and evaluates six potential electricity supply options for the Daintree region. It has been completed by KPMG, and its subcontractor GHD, on an independent basis to help the Queensland Government and the Daintree community gain a clearer understanding of practical considerations, including cost, associated with these electricity supply options.
The study considers six options ranging from large-scale investment in a single microgrid connecting all customers throughout the Daintree region, to incremental individual options.
The options include three microgrid based options, and three individual standalone power system (SPS) options. The options also include a combination of established technologies, such as solar and diesel generators, and emerging technologies, such as hydrogen and lithium-ion battery storage.