Please take two minutes to help Build It Green understand how you utilize GreenPoint Rated marketing and certification materials for your new home buyers. Your feedback will help us better support your marketing and customer care efforts to keep your homeowners happy. Thank you!

* 1. Do you receive from Build It Green our hard copy certificates for completed GreenPoint Rated homes to pass on to homeowners?

* 2. Does your company routinely distribute these certificates to new homeowners?

* 3. How do you send these certificates to homeowners?

* 4. Are there specific reasons why you don't send these certificates?

* 5. Which department or team in your company typically sends (or would send) the certificates?

* 6. How can we make your process easier to send out these certificates? How can we better support your marketing and customer care efforts? Please share any thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We know that you and your staff work hard to keep homeowners happy and develop a long-term relationship that shows you care. Build It Green wants to support these efforts by sending homeowners materials to show them they live in a healthy, high-quality, GreenPoint Rated home. Your survey responses will help us do a better job of supporting you through this effort.