1. Welcome & Project Summary

Greetings recreation enthusiasts and user group representatives! 

“Thank you for accessing this survey. RCO is completing a study of recreational assets of statewide significance. This study will include nearly all types of outdoor recreation in the state along with a gap analysis, and investment recommendations to fill these gaps. This study is due to the legislature by June 30, 2019. Taking this survey will help us identify “exceptional” assets of statewide significance. We are asking representatives from user groups to take this survey and indicate your availability for a follow-up interview. We also want to hear from recreationists who want to recommend an organization for us to contact. Thanks in advance.

Your responses will be used in planning for our State's continued enjoyment of its natural resources and strategic sustainability for future generations. For these three reasons all recreation user groups should complete the survey:
  1.  BE A RECREATION RESOURCE EXPERT: Elected officials and decision makers need access to leaders of recreation stakeholder groups as they deliberate on investments impacting outdoor recreation user groups.
  2. GET ON THE MAP! *must qualify as an exceptional recreation asset: All known leaders of recreation user groups are invited to help identify their largest, most popular, iconic, destination recreation sites.  Qualifying sites will be on a GIS map tracked by the Recreation & Conservation Office.
  3. SHARE YOUR STORY: Recreation resource experts are asked to help identify current challenges, barriers, and future recreation needs to support their activity.
Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Estimated time to complete the survey is ten minutes per asset, max three. Additional assets or clarifications can be shared during a post survey interview if needed.

For more information contact Adam Cole, Policy Specialist, RCO, adam.cole@rco.wa.gov or 360-725-3939.
6% of survey complete.

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