The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Resident and Associate is seeking nominations for the Secretary position which will ascend to the vice-chair, chair, then ex-officio position.    The term will begin in October 2019, and end October 2023 when the ex-officio position ends.  This position is pending approval by the Board of Regents at their October 2019 meeting. 
Applications are due Wednesday July 31, 2019. 

The committee’s mission is to represent the interests and concerns of the residents and associate fellows of the American College of Surgeons.  The RAS promotes active participation and input from young surgeons to support ACS activities.

  • Executive Committee Secretary (ascends to vice-chair, then chair)
  • Three-year commitment, ultimately ascending to Chair, then an ex-officio year
  • Has served RAS-ACS in a leadership position (Committee Chair, Liaison to an ACS committee, Advisory Council, or Board of Governor Workgroup, or in another significant leadership role)
  • Currently serves on a RAS standing committee
  • Have attended 50 percent of RAS standing committee calls in the past year
  • Attends Clinical Congress (three consecutive years)
  • Attends Summit (three consecutive years)
  • Attends RAS Strategic Planning Meeting in January/February at HQ annually
  • Participates in phone conference calls throughout the year, including weekly committee calls
  • Takes minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and Governing Board (in-person and phone)
  • Reports results of election  to constituency at RAS Executive Committee and afterwards in RAS e-newsletter
  • Performs other duties delegated by the RAS chair and vice-chair


Question Title

* 1. I am or have held a leadership position in RAS as a Liaison or a Committee chair, or in another significant capacity within RAS-ACS: