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* 1. Do you approve our RAH 2024-25 Board of Directors?

President: Stefanie Kline
President-Elect: Neil Wieser
President-Elect Nominee: N/A
Past President: Phil Waselik
Treasurer: Lori Francis
Treasurer-Elect: Brad Burke
Director (3-year): Lisa Kobs
Director (1-year): Dani Rathke
Director (1-year): Nathan Crowder
Secretary: Alicia Smithburg
Secretary-Elect: Joe Hammes
Sergeant at Arms: Sami Ruskey

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* 2. Rotarian of the Year award is given to a Rotarian who has given exceptional service to Rotary International, to Rotary After Hours and/or to the community in the name of Rotary during the 2023-24 Rotary Year (7/1/2023-6/30/2024). There is one Rotarian of the Year per club each year.

Qualifications: Any Current Member of the Club

Past Rotarian of the Year Recipients but eligible for additional nominations: Johnny Brevik (2010-11), Brady Lowe (2012-13), Mandy Nogle (2014-15), Meg Puckhaber (2015-16), Josh Mansee (2016-17), Lisa Kobs (2017-18), Laura Lee (2018-19), Nick Ragnar (2019-20), Marissa Dickinson (2020-21), Katelyn Doyle (2021-22) Phil Waselik (2022-2023)...

Please nominate a member below by listing their name and brief explanation as to why you are nominating the individual. A list of our membership is attached to the email.

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* 3. The Four Way Test - Rotary Rising Star award is given to an area Rotarian who best demonstrates a commitment to Rotary's Four Way Test and the object of Rotary. Among the criteria considered will be length of time in Rotary (a minimum of 2 years but not more than 5 years); a strong commitment to Rotary and its programs; someone who demonstrates high ethical standards in his/her business or profession, and who is committed to the ideal of service in his/her personal, business and community life. Only one Rotary Rising Star is selected amount all the area clubs.

Please list a name and brief description as to why you are nominating the individual.

Members who have been in Rotary After Hours from 7/1/2019 (5 years) and 7/1/22 (2 years) are:

Burke, Bradley
Crowder, Nathan
Doyle, Stephanie
Hagenbarth, Spencer
Kroner, Kelly
Lyon, Sierra
Luedtke, Jennifer
McGuine, Eileen
Murray, James
Swartz, Kristin
Waselik, Phillip

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* 4. Rotary Avenues of Service Awards - These awards (one in each of the below category) are presented annually to club projects that best exemplify Rotary ideals in the five avenues of service. A club may nominate more than one project. List any recent RAH Club projects you wish to nominate and include brief description as to why.

*Club Service - For efforts supporting the internal functioning of the club. Typical activities are those that benefit the club's fundraising, attendance, membership growth/retention or public relations.

*Community Service - For the improvement of the quality of life, especially in the areas of community and human development, partnering with diverse cultures, improving relationships, environmental preservation, and partnerships.

*International Service - For the advancement of understanding goodwill, and better health and wellness among peoples of different nations. Typical activities support special international events, Youth Exchange, educational/cultural activities, the Rotary Foundation, and/or World Community Service.

*Vocational Service - For the adherence and promotion of high ethical standards in occupations, recognition of the values of all vocations, and the contribution of members' talents to solve societal problems.

*New Generations - For the promotion of positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

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* 5. Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a Rotarian who best demonstrates a long-term commitment to Rotary's Four Way Test. Among the criteria considered is the length of time in Rotary (10 years minimum); a demonstration of high ethical standards in business/profession; and a commitment to the ideal of service in personal and community life. No Rotarian who has previously received this award may be nominated.

Past Recipients: Dean Dickinson (2011), Bill Pritchard (2016)

Please list a name and brief description of why you are nominating the individual.

Members who have been in Rotary for at least 10 years and not received the award:

Addington, Ben
Born, Ryan
Brevik, John
Francis, Lori
Garvey, Justin
Kline, Stefanie
Kobb, Lisa
Lee, Laura
Miller, Aaron
Moritz, Jeremy
Puckhaber, Meg
Rathke, Danielle
Richardson, Amanda
Skendzel, Larry
Stuhr, Shane

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* 6. What will help to develop excitement for RAH over the next year?

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* 7. How does RAH help fill your life?

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* 8. Name your favorite social event that you'd like to see happen in 2024-2025 year:

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* 9. Any additional comments about meetings, service events, socials or any ideas you might have- please list briefly!