The RA21 (Resource Access in the 21st Century) Task Force is exploring alternative authentication methods to the IP-checking currently in use for access by subscribers to the majority of scientific journals and other research information sources. Your responses will help the Task Force better understand your technical environment and capabilities will guide us in defining suitable alternatives to IP-checking.

 In order to help understand and define the best alternatives to IP checking, we would like to understand your current capabilities, plans and roadmaps in the area of Identity and Access Management (IAM). We define IAM “the business processes and technological capabilities required to support the use of digital identities both within your organisations and when interacting with third parties in order to identity and authenticate authorized users”.  The survey focuses on the key functions of establishing identity, user authentication and authorization, privileges management, reduced/single sign-on, and federated identity. We also ask about supporting infrastructure, including enterprise directories, and identity management project activity.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by email (,,

 And thank you for being willing to contribute to this endeavor.

The RA21 Task Force

This questionnaire has been adapted from a survey created by EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research ( and is reused with the kind permission of Eden Dahlstrom, Chief Research Officer. Anonymised, aggregated results from the survey will be shared with EDUCAUSE.