Our Constitution and Bylaws require a quorum of 30% of the voting members for the purpose of establishing a quorum and conducting business at the Annual Meeting of the Members of Figure Skating Club of Cincinnati.  We may not have an attendance equal to 30%, and request your attendance by proxy if you are NOT planning to attend in person.

* 1. You may count me as present by proxy for purposes of establishing a quorum to conduct business at the Annual Meeting on June 12th.

* 2. Are you in favor of the Amendment to the Constitution reducing the number of the Board of Directors to at least five members and no greater than 10 members?

* 3. Are you in favor of ratifying the election to the Board of Directors, effective September 2, 2015 of Kelly Bixby, Dori Murray and Gemma Steinkamp to a 2 year term?  These terms expired summer of 2015 and these members indicated they were willing to stand for re-election.

* 4. Please indicate your vote to elect Jeff Privett and Cathy Brinkman and Lisa Graham to a two year term beginning June 12, 2016.

* 5. Please enter your name so that we limit responses to members entitled to vote.