For Businesses

Welcome to the Warren Forest Higher Education Council Needs Assessment Survey for Businesses.  The purpose of this needs assessment is to gather information to determine what education / training needs to be developed to help individuals and businesses accomplish their goals and objectives. This assessment will assist the Council in offering courses that help individuals obtain the skills and abilities needed on the job or for employment. The survey will also help to identify any gaps or areas of needed coursework. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires the Council to complete a needs assessment every three years. 

The Warren Forest Higher Education Council works with colleges, schools, and businesses to offer the most needed classes and programs to the residents of Warren and Forest Counties.  We offer both credit and non-credit programs. 

As you complete this survey, please keep two terms in mind:  the term “credit” programs and classes refers to courses and degree programs available through colleges and universities.  Credit programs and classes lead to a degree or certificate such as an associate degree in Business Administration or a bachelor degree in Nursing.

The term “non-credit” programs and classes refer to courses that do not lead to a degree.  They are generally short term in nature, are not semester based, and not always offered only through a college or university.  Examples include a Microsoft Office class, an art class, or a welding class that meets for a few weeks.

* 1. In what ZIP code is your business located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 16365)

* 2. How many employees do you have?

* 3. Over the next 12 months, do you expect the number of employees to:

* 4. On a scale of 1 to 5, to what extent do you feel your community has access to educational programs, facilities, and classes: (1 = no access, 5 = complete access / everything is available)

  1 2 3 4 5
Credit Courses
Non-Credit Courses

* 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely is your business to access credit or non-credit classes locally that would benefit your company? (1 = would not access, 5 = complete access / would take classes)

  1 2 3 4 5
Credit Courses
Non-Credit Courses

* 6. What is your preferred way for education to be delivered?

* 7. What barrier or challenge prevents your business from taking advantage of educational opportunities in the local community?

* 8. What is the best way to advertise educational offerings to your company?

* 9. Are you having trouble hiring people with the right skills set?  If yes, how are you managing that gap?

* 10. Are you able to find training classes for current employees who need them? If no, how are you managing that gap?

* 11. What associate degree (2 year college) programs would you like to have available locally in the community?

* 12. How likely is your business to utilize a non-credit “Manufacturing 101 course”? (For example, learning basic machine operations, CPR / First Aid, technical math, blue print reading, etc.) (1 = would not utilize, 5 = completely utilize / would take classes

* 13. Please check the classes you consider most valuable to have available locally (mark all that apply):

* 14. Are there any job skill training classes or personal enrichment classes that you would like to see offered that are not listed above?  If yes, please list them.

* 15. Does your business offer employees reimbursement for credit classes?

* 16. Does your business offer employee reimbursement for non-credit classes?

* 17. Would you be willing to work with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) or Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. to provide workplace opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities under the Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act (WIOA)?

* 18. Please share any additional comments or suggestions regarding business and industry training opportunities in the community.

* 19. Does your company participate in the School to Work Partnership programs?  

* 20. If no, would you be interested in information on how your business can participate?

* 21. Check the School to Work events you find valuable.

* 22. Do you have any suggestions for new School To Work programs that would assist students K-12 in deciding on a career path?

* 23. If you would like to receive a copy of the results of this needs assessment questionnaire or would like to participate in the School To Work, please provide your business name and email address.