1. Recycling Section

The purpose of this section is to better determine recycling needs in our community.

* 1. How do you manage your garbage?

* 2. Do you recycle?

* 3. If you recycle, what do you recycle?

* 4. How strongly do you agree with the following four statements?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
I am a supporter of recycling initiatives.
I would recycle at transfer sites and/or centers.
I would use 24 hour accessible recycling bins at central locations.
Weekly curbside pick up is the best way to recycle.

* 5. What percent of your garbage would/do you recycle?

* 6. What would make it easier for you to recycle a higher percentage?

* 7. Do you believe that it is beneficial for our community to recycle?

* 8. How knowledgeable are you about recycling issues?

  Extremely knowledgeable Very knowledgeable Somewhat knowledgeable n/a
Please rate.

* 9. If it was up to you, what type of recycling service would you implement in our community? If applicable, please add how often those initiatives should occur.

* 10. Should the costs for recycling services come out of municipal taxes? If applicable, how much would you be willing to pay for curbside recycling services at your home or business?

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