About you and PASA Connect

This survey is designed to help us to help you by getting your input on what topics and specific issues you would like to explore through PASA Connect round-tables. Your input will help shape the schedule of sessions for the remainder of 2019.

There are a large number of questions in the survey, primarily because I have listed many subject areas across a number of different broad categories (eg: the procurement process, skills, categories, procurement automation). I don't expect you to answer every one. Rather, I hope they will serve as prompts to get you to:

1. Identify which topics are of most importance to you

2. Identify more specific issues, challenges or topics within these broader topics

If you don't want to complete the survey, but do have topics suggestions you would like to put forward, please email them to nigelw@pasa.net.au

To those of you who do the take the 15 minutes to complete - Thanks in advance.

Nigel Wardropper

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* 1. About you

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* 2. Approximately how many PASA Connect round-tables have you attended in the last year? (either physical or virtual)

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* 3. Do you have a preference for physical or virtual round-tables? (assuming you have tried both)

Expert Sessions

As we would hope you are aware, approximately 30-40% of round-tables are either led by or joined by an external subject matter expert. Generally these have been consultants or specialists in such things as negotiation or law. In this section we are looking for suggestions both for potential external experts and to see if any of you are prepared to put yourselves forward to lead a session. This is a great opportunity for senior procurement professionals to give back to the profession, by sharing your experience and expertise with less experienced peers.

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* 4. Do you have any suggestions for anybody who you think might make a contribution as an ‘expert’ on a particular topic or category?

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* 5. Is there a topic that you might like to put yourself forward on as an ‘expert’?

Speaking opportunities

While on the subject of volunteering, we are always on the lookout for good new speakers for PASA Conferences.

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* 6. Would you potentially be interested in speaking on a future conference?

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