Registration is required for all media.

Welcome to the 40th Annual Statewide Elders & Youth Conference that will take place in Anchorage, AK at the Dena'ina Conference Center. First Alaskans Institute (FAI) invites qualified, working journalists to submit a registration request for a complimentary media badge that provides access to the First Alaskans Institute Elders & Youth Conference during hours open to the public.
Dates: Sunday, October 15 to Wednesday, October 18
Location: Dena'ina Center, Anchorage, AK 
To Register: Complete this Media Credential Application and submit it with all required information. Media credentials are reserved for working members of the media only. This includes editors, reporters/journalists/writers/ broadcasters, producers, camera crews, podcasters, and still photographers. Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial (including reporters/journalists/writers/ broadcasters) capacity are not qualified for a media badge.
First Alaskans Institute reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke accreditation at any time.
Registration is free for all editorial media.

Please contact Purruq Erica Khan, Indigenous Storytelling & Communications Strategist, at or 907-677-1702 with any questions. Gunalchéesh for your participation and contributions that will make this a memorable conference.

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* 1. Thank you for your interest in covering the Elders & Youth Conference, please share the following:

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* 2. Type of Media

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* 3. Job Title/Primary Responsibility

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Please Note: First Alaskans Institute is a non-profit organization. By registering for media credentials, the applicant agrees to the following:

1. Commit to creating a safe and respectful environment for the participants attending the First Alaskans Institute Elders & Youth Conference. We would never knowingly subject our participants to anyone with a history of child or Elder abuse. By registering you understand and commit to this. 

2. Comply with First Alaskans Institute to minimize distraction to the speakers/performers and participants:
  • Participation must center the experience of Elders and youth attendees.
  • This is not an opportunity for commercial photography or filming. Coverage of this event should be available for public consumption without charge. 
3. The applicant documenting the 2023 Elders & Youth Conference will agree to ensure that accurate identification, spelling, and pronunciations are made of the participants

4. First Alaskans Institute or their designated representative(s) will be provided with footage and images of the 2023 Conference.

*I agree to comply with the requests outlined above by First Alaskans Institute

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* 5. Recognizing that protecting our Elders, youth and community is one of our highest priorities, and that we would never knowingly allow participation by those that have harmed others through physical, sexual, mental or other forms of abuse, we ask that you please certify the following statement:

To the very best of my/our knowledge, I and others listed in this registration have not caused physical, sexual, mental or any other serious form of harm to others.

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* 6. Waiver

We will be capturing or creating images, videos, or sound recordings of participants during the course of the event and want to be able to share what we capture or create. Before we can let you attend, we require that you authorize our use of your image and/or voice by giving us permission through this release. 

What Images, Etc. Are Covered.

This Permission and Release uses the word “Images” to mean any images, videos, or sound recordings of you during the course of the Event, any reproductions in any media, any quotes of what you say, and any works we create using any of those things. 

What Permission is Being Given.

By signing this Permission and Release, you give FAI permission to capture or create and to publish and otherwise use Images of you (as defined above) for any FAI purpose.  As used in this Permission and Release, "publish" means to publish, reproduce, and distribute anywhere, in any medium and by any means, including without limitation in television broadcasts, Internet livestreaming, social media streams, First Alaskans Magazine, and FAI’s brochures, annual reports, and website.

What Release is Being Given.

By signing this Permission and Release, you release and discharge FAI, its agents, and contractors from any and all liability, claims, loss, and damages of any kind arising out of or relating to the publication or other use of the Images, including without limitation any and all claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of your right of publicity, or emotional distress. 

Other Matters of Importance.

By signing this Permission and Release, you acknowledge and agree that all Images and all rights in the Images (including, without limitation, copyright) belong to FAI, its agents, contractors, or other persons who captured or created the Images, as the case may be, and you waive any right to be compensated for the Images or any use of the Images.  You also agree that the permission and release you give in this Permission and Release extends not only to FAI, but also to its agents, contractors, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns.

Your Agreement.

By acknowledging below, you agree to this Permission and Release.  Thank you.  Your agreement is very important to us, and we require it before we can let you participate in the Event.