Welcome to the survey (Leadership competences of expatriates in China) !

欢迎参加调查 (外籍人士在中国的领导能力)!

Dear Responder,


I am a PhD candidate at SGH Warsaw School of Economics working on leadership competences of expatriate leaders in China. I would highly appreciate your contribution into the research by sharing your experience and observations as a leader while living and working in China. 


Please, kindly fill in the survey that aims to collect your opinion on cultural values and leadership competences that contribute to a person being a successful leader or inhibit a person from being a successful  leader in the organisations in China. The result of the survey aspires to define a model of leadership competences of the expatriates in China considering cultural values.


Please, note the results of the survey are anonymous and strictly confidential. The overall output of the research will be presented only as a collective data summary to justify some PhD research hypotheses. The results will be available to all participants of the survey at the request only as a collective data summary.


Thank you for your highly appreciated contribution!


Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer
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