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If you feel called to serve the wider church, prayerfully consider the variety of opportunities available through election at the Episcopal Church in Minnesota 2017 Convention being held September 15-16th at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. Note: It is not required that nominees be a delegate or that they be present at Convention in order to be elected.



Standing Committee (electing 2 lay and 2 clergy): Standing Committee members serve as custodians of our canons. As a resource for management to our faith communities, this committee oversees the ordination process, properties, and the Bishop Consent Process.

Commission on Ministry (electing 1 lay and 1 clergy for a three-year term and 1 lay and 1 clergy for a one-year term): The Commission on Ministry collaborates with the Bishop to provide discernment and formation resources for candidates, and aligns ministry resources to our faith communities and their missional needs.

Trustees (electing 3, clergy or lay): The Trustees oversee the Episcopal Church in Minnesota’s pooled investments and real estate, ensuring that faith communities align investments and real estate with their discerned mission.

* 1. Position you are seeking

* 2. Name as you wish it to appear at Convention

* 3. Faith community

* 4. Street Address

* 5. City

* 6. State

* 7. Zip Code

* 8. Primary Telephone Number

* 9. Secondary Telephone Number

* 10. Email Address

* 11. List 3-5 leadership experiences or positions that have shaped you.

* 12. In 200 words or less, please tell us who you are and why you want to be elected to this position.

* 13. Please upload a photo that will be included next to the information submitted above.

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