Europeana Innovation Agenda

Thank you for contributing to the Europeana Innovation Agenda. The Innovation Agenda proposes research and innovation priorities across the European cultural heritage sector and aims to promote their inclusion in European funding programmes and policies.

We have identified 13 topics that address the institutional, technological, social and economic impact and opportunities to innovate the sector. To determine our priorities, we invite you to evaluate the proposed agenda using the matrix:

For each innovation topic presented in this survey, please select the area of the matrix which best describes the role it should play in shaping the European heritage landscape:

  • Is there an urgent need to implement it and ACT on it NOW?
  • Is this something that should INFORM our STRATEGY and guide our decisions about the future of the heritage sector?
  • Should we KEEP VIGILANT WATCH on it and prepare to act on it?
  • Is it something that would be more achievable at a later stage and we should REVISIT it LATER?