* 1. Are you a Greenfield resident?

* 2. Are you a dog owner?

* 3. Would you find access to a safe, fenced in area to walk your pet useful?

* 4. Are you willing to help with creating a Paws Park in Greenfield?

* 5. Are you willing to donate money to creating a Paws Park of Greenfield

* 6. Are you willing to be part of a task force that works together to raise funds and build a Paws Park of Greenfield?

* 7. Are you willing to be contacted to help with the Park?

* 8. Are you able to work with town government to research and report on what is needed to create a park within Greenfield?

* 9. Please share any further comments or ideas you have to help with the effort to create a Paws Park of Greenfield