1. Reporting on the 2016 year

Thank you for taking the time to provide this snapshot of your parish outreach to and engagement of high school teens for the diocese.

* 1. Name of Parish and city of parish, or Youth Ministry Program name for multiple-parishes reporting as ONE.  Please list ALL parishes/cities collaborating in this ministry, if combined. 

PLEASE NOTE that once you begin entering your information, you must complete and submit the form. If you leave this survey without submitting below, your data will be lost. In addition, once your form is submitted, you will not be able to return to your information. We recommend that once you complete this form, you print it for your records before hitting "Submit Report" below.

* 2. Please provide the following for the primary Contact for Youth Ministry (CYM)

* 3. Official Title of the CYM

* 4. How many ADULTS are involved in youth ministry programming in each of the following areas?

* 5. Of the TOTAL NUMBER of adults in youth ministries, how many...

* 6. What resources do you and your adults utilize with youth?

* 7. How many high school aged teens were involved in 2016 in the following:

* 8. Number of teens actively involved with some aspect of your parishes ministries:

* 9. What was the most "successful" activity or program for youth last year and why? (Notice, you define success however you want, be it largest number attended, biggest impact to your parish, or transformation of a young person.)

* 10. Please check only the boxes for the MONTHS in which you held at least one event with EMPHASIS in the component listed (realizing that we often include a number of elements within each program, please select the MOST appropriate category). THANK YOU for completing this report!

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Social/Community Life
Leadership Development