1. Worksheet: Website Content

This questionnaire is designed to enhance our communication regarding written content for your web pages, the photos to be used, and whether you have an existing logo you want to use. Please answer the following questions to help establish the goals and objectives for your web site.

* 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION – list what can be included on your site

* 2. COMPANY INFORMATION – list what can be included on your site

* 3. CURRENT WEBSITE - If you have a current website, what is the URL of the site:

* 4. CONTENT - Which of the following best describes the availability of text content for your site:

* 5. List the content information your site will contain. (Text copy, graphics, photos, etc.)

* 6. How much new content needs to be developed? (None/ Some/ Everything)

* 7. SITE GOALS - What are the long-term goals for this website? (These are broad and general i.e. provide information to current customers, improve sales, find new customers or clients, etc.)

* 8. DESIGN GOALS - What is the feeling or attitude you want the site to convey. (Corporate, conservative, flashy, animated, no frills, informative, "pushing the envelope", young, mature, dark, humorous, etc.)

* 9. AUDIENCE ANALYSIS - Define the intended audience. Who will be using this Web site? How will the user benefit from your site?

* 10. And finally, if you have any general comments or questions, please give us your thoughts.