* 1. Private Forestry Service Queensland (PFSQ) hosted a Private Native Forest (PNF) Forum on the 9th November in Gympie. The Forum, attended by 80 people considered the extent and importance of the PNF resource in southern Queensland, the critical role that it will play in the future timber supply and the impediments currently impacting on the management of the resource.

The outcome of the day was a set of urgent priority resolutions that were agreed upon, by the majority of participants and that, we hope will gain support and momentum from the broader industry.

We request that you provide the following details in order to complete the survey. By answering yes to any of the following multiple choice questions it will be assumed that you are agreeing to support the corresponding resolution/s. Please be informed that we may use the information provided in this survey to progress these resolutions at a state and federal level.

* 2. ISSUE #1
Harvest security is the major recurring factor impeding landholder investment into the management of the resource. Forest management is a long-term activity that provides rural employment opportunities and environmental benefits. For Forest Owners to make long-term investment decisions (20 to 60 years) they need to have secure rights to use the land for forestry purposes in the long term.

Urge the Queensland Government to establish a Vegetation Category (Category F) similar to Tasmania’s Private Timber Reserves (1989) within Queensland’s Planning Act. A private timber reserve is an area of private land set aside for forestry purposes and registered on the title.


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* 4. ISSUE #2
Silvicultural thinning of non-commercial stems is traditionally undertaken by chemical injection, which is expensive, uses high volumes of residual herbicide, and leaves a framework of dead trees which pose a long term WH&S risk. The rapidly developing Biomass industry provides a unique opportunity to utilise the grossly over-stocked section of the stand, providing financial incentive for thinning, supporting rural employment, producing a local biofuel and increasing the health and quality of the forest.

Urge the Qld Government to recognise that emerging technologies can enable landholders to carry out best practice silvicultural thinning for the improvement of forest health and productivity. Further, delegates wish to emphasise that these technologies would only utilise the non-commercial and non-habitat portion of the stand that would normally go to waste.


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* 6. ISSUE #3
Many Forum presenters and delegates raised the following issue regarding government policy: Inconsistent policy and regulatory changes adversely impact investment confidence. Farmers are not inclined to invest in improving the health and productivity of their forests, without a consistent policy and regulatory environment. The following issue was not raised at the forum, due to lack of time but addresses one aspect of those concerns.

Urge the Queensland Government to immediately amend the ‘Managing a native forest practice - A self-assessable vegetation clearing code’ to include all Regional Ecosystems that support a dominance or codominance of hardwood commercial species.


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* 8. Are there any other issues and potential resolutions you would like to add?