As a user of the Site Review process, it is imperative it is structured and performing to meet project needs. Your input is important as we strive to be as effective as possible. The following questionnaire was developed to look at areas where Site Review is performing well as well as looking for ways to improve. Please take a few minutes to give us your valuable feedback. 

* 1. I am a

* 2. I interact with Site Review on average 

* 3. The overall performance of Site Review is

* 4. I feel site review is "pro-growth"

* 5. I feel the conditions and guidelines are consistent

* 6. The Site Review members were prepared in advance for discussion

* 7. Site Review members were positive in questions and responses

* 8. I feel comfortable that my views are listened to

* 9. Suggestions for improvement-
(For example, my project was enhanced or improved by Site Review's recommendations. Alternatively, the Site Review process  presented roadblocks, or other comments.)

* 10. Optional:
I would like a County Commissioner to contact me.  (Please give your Name, Address, Email and Phone Number.)