* 1. Do you know about the process of English Learner (EL) indentification and placement?

* 2. How much do you know about the district's academic programs?

  nothing a little a lot
Structured English Immersion (SEI)
Mainstream English Program
Gifted and Talented Education
Magnet, Choice, Charter

* 3. What do you know about the state mandated English exam given to EL students, the California Language Development Test (CELDT)?

* 4. What knowledge do you have about the process by which students are identified to receive special education services?

* 5. Are you aware of the different ways to give input on how money is spent to support English Learners?

* 6. Do you know the your child's school loses money each day your child is absent from school?

* 7. Do you check your child's backpack daily for school announcements and flyers?

* 8. Do you ask your child to give you their Wednesday communication envelope?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the way the school communicates with families? (ConnectEd phone calls and emails, school marquis, PTSA newsletter, school website, etc.)

* 10. I can communicate with my child's teachers (in person, via email, by phone)

* 11. When do you prefer to have meetings, parent workshops, activities or events at school?

* 12. What is your interest in monthly events with parents and students at this school? (for example Coffee with the Principal, Academic Information nights, etc.)

* 13. What is your interest in attending student work expositions/science fairs/academic contests?

* 14. What is your interest in attending workshops to support your child academicalls? (parent workshops, etc.)

* 15. Are you interested in helping with any of the activities mentioned above? (#12-14)

* 16. Please write any comments or suggestions here:

* 17. If you would like to provide us with the following information, please do so.