1. Introduction

By participating in this on-line survey you are asked to help the Ventura County Community Foundation to increase public awareness of artistic activities and explore new programs to help artists to be more effective in their work. Our information shows that you are a member of the art community of Ventura County.

This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete and we are grateful for giving us the opportunity to hear from you.

* 1. Name of the organization

* 2. Address

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. What is the formal name of your organization

* 5. Please tell us your position or role in this organization:

* 6. If you have a web-site, please tell us the URL:

* 7. When did your organization begin operations (how old is it) ?

* 8. Which of the following categories best describes the area of the arts that your organization works in (select all that may apply):

* 9. In a sentence, describe your organization’s main purpose or mission:

* 10. Which of the following categories define the focus of your organization? (select all that may apply):

* 11. Which of the following describe the primary activities of your organization (please select all that may apply):

* 12. Does your organization provide services through events, performances and other outlets that come to be viewed by audiences?

* 13. About how many events do you offer in a year?

* 14. About how many people do you reach/serve in a year?

* 15. What type of places do you hold your events/performances (select all that may apply):

* 16. What is the legal status of your organization?

* 17. Number of paid staff in your organization (full and part time)

* 18. How many of your employees are artists?

* 19. Number of Board Members?

* 20. Number of Volunteers

* 21. Your organization’s total operating budget

* 22. How do you finance your activities (please select all that may apply)

* 23. What percentage of your annual expenses comes from annual fundraising activities?

* 24. Do you have a dedicated fundraising staff person?

* 25. Does your organization need help in regard to the following areas?

  Yes No
Fundraising training for existing staff and volunteers
Establishing better marketing & communication with public
Establishing better relationships with funding agencies
General management training
Board development
Having a forum to exchange ideas and make contacts with other artist and art organization.

* 26. If we needed additional information about your organization, who would be the best contact person?

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!