* 1. Do Mosquitoes really bite with their teeth?

* 2. When a mosquito lands on your arm, leg, neck, or face, what are they trying to get?

* 3. Mosquitoes need what to lay their eggs?

* 4. What does Project Reservoir breed in the aquaculture lab?

* 5. What type of daytime mosquito did Project Reservoir find at the Reservoir near Pershing Field in Jersey City,

* 6. At what stage of life do Fathead minnows eat mosquitoes?

* 7. Put in order from the least truthful statement to most truthful about mosquitoes in your neighborhood.

* 8. Mosquitoes in New Jersey can give what potentially deadly disease?

* 9. Mosquitoes only like the blood of people who eat a lot of sweets?

* 10. What can you do to prevent giving your blood to a mosquito before you go to the reservoir?

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