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* 1. How old are you - your answer will help us analyse the results of this survey

  Yes No
Under 18

* 2. Are you currently happy at work?

* 3. What possible changes would need to occur in order to experience more happiness at work?

* 4. Is it realistic to expect to be happy at work

* 5. What factors negatively impact on your happiness at work?

  Yes No
You feel you must sacrifice personal and family time in favor of work
Certain work situations, such as an irritating boss or co-workers
The job does not match your personal values
The job does require you to use your favorite skills
You are unhappy with your pay
Lack of positive feedback and appreciation
The physical work environment
You compare yourself to others who seem happier
The job lacks challenge
Lack of career development
You lack career goals
The work does not provide you with a sense of meaning and purpose
Improving your happiness seems beyond your control
You can change things for the better but you are not doing it
Over focusing on work at the expense of outside interests. family or friends
You would love to change jobs but don't know what else to do
Lack of confidence and self esteem

* 6. When you are unhappy at work what physical, emotional and psychological symptoms do you experience? How does your unhappiness impact others?

* 7. If you are unhappy why do you stay stuck?

  Yes No
Not knowing what you want. You're not sure what would make you happier.
Stoicism. You have low expectations about career happiness
Distraction. You don't have time to think about whether you're happy or not. You're too busy.
Fear. You're afraid you won't find something better or be able to improve your situation
Fear of failure-- You're afraid that you'll fail in a new role.
Concerns about others opinions - You're worried about what others will think of you if you make a change.
The difficult job market. If you quit, you may not find another position.
Lack of portable skills. For you, a transition would be difficult due to an inadequate training and/or a long tenure with your current employer.
Lack of finances - While you know you need to change career and/or update your skills, you don't money.
A required tradeoff. You aren't thrilled by what you're doing, but you've made a decision to stay because it helps you achieve other important goals.

* 8. What strategies would you use to restore happiness

* 9. What self-help books have your read in the past that have helped improved your happiness at work? What exercises did you find particularly helpful?

* 10. Imagine a new self help career planning book was about to be launched, what topics would you most like it to cover?

  Yes No
How to identify the sources of your unhappiness
How to identify your favorite, transferable skills and talents
How to prioritise and affirm you most important values
How to widen your awareness of alternative career options you would enjoy
How to identify interests that could lead to happier work
An overview of the chemistry of happiness
Strategies to help you clarify what gives your life meaning and purpose
How to overcome obstacles
Strategies to boost your self esteem
Strategies to boost your confidence
Tool to help you identify your areas of passion and how they could transfer into meaningful work
Tips of creating a small business and self employment
Job search strategies
Self-marketing tips - CV, Interview skills
Inspirational stories about other people who have made changes and refound happiness
A book that was visually stunning with evocative photos and inspirational quotes