Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs Feedback -Adoption/Pellets/Activities

1.What Services did Hogs & Kisses help you with?
2.Tell us how you heard about Hogs & Kisses Miniature Pigs!
3.Please provide a personal testimonial from your experience as a Hogs & Kisses customer! 
Tell us your story and how Hogs & Kisses provided our services; what did we do well, what did you love about the farm, how has your piggie family benefitted from our services etc.? 
4.If you provided a testimonial, please provide your piggies name, your name, and contact information (phone or email). 
By completing this survey for Hogs & Kisses Miniature Pigs; you consent to having your testimonial and pigs name/image, published on the www.hogsandkissesminipigs.ca website. *Please note that no personal information will be shared online (used for our personal records only), and your testimonial will always be listed/referred to as your pig's name. 
5.Where are you from / Where do you and your piggie live? 
*General Location, ie. "Kingston, Ontario"  
Send us your piggie Picture to os.healwithhorses@gmail.com or to our social media pages for it to be shared on our socials and published on our website www.hogsandkisses.ca with your testimonial. 
Share a photo of your piggie that you adopted from Hogs & Kisses, your pig enjoying our pellets, or you and your family enjoying our friends on the farm!
By submitting a photo and your testimonial, you consent to publish your submitted photo, general location and testimonial (without personal identifying information) to our www.hogsandkissesminipigs.ca website and Hogs & Kisses social media (Facebook and Instagram).
You may disclose your personal preference for sharing (ie. website only) and you may withdraw your consent at any time. Please email os.healwithhorses@gmail.com for any concerns regarding your testimonial/posting.

For example: "Elliott was adopted from H&K in 2022 and the past year we ..... -Jessica & Tyler -Picton, Ontario"

We enjoy seeing photos of families enjoying our farm, so please be mindful of who is in your photos and their consent before submitting to us!