The 250th Anniversary (2024) Team would like your input to let us know your interest in activities and preparation and where you are willing to contribute volunteer help. Activities and preparations were
suggested at the September 2019 gathering and from ongoing idea contributions.

Please identify yourself if you would so the team can be in contact with you as time progresses.

Please respond to this survey by November 1, 2020

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* 1. Contact information

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* 2. Which of the one-time event activities would you participate in? Help with?

  Participate Help
Birthday Party/Sugaring (March 5 2024)
Outdoor Chicken BBQ
Animal Show
Landmark Tours—Gardens/Cellar Holes/Houses/Schools/Cemeteries
Road Race/Bike Ride

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* 3. Which of the ongoing activities would you participate in? Help with?

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Seasonal Leverett Pond Tournaments/Guided Tours
Hikes and Tribal Names of Hills Identification
Outdoor Music Series
Showing of Historical Town Documents
Geo Cache Scavenger Hunt

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* 4. Help in Upgrading/Restoring Town Landmarks

  Help with Donate to
Moore's Corner School House Museum
Field Museum
Roadside Stonewall Restoration

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* 5. Contribute to a Design/Creation Contest

  Participate in Donate to
Time Capsule
Commemorative Gift for Residents
Anniversary Logo
Commemorative Postal Cancellation
Theme Song

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* 6. Thoughts?

Thank you!  We are anxious to hear what will make our 250th memorable for you.
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