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We are looking for feedback about our store and how we can improve. Please take some time to explore our store GothicPlus.com then answer the following questions. We will select 3 people who complete the survey at random to win $25 gift cards, so be sure to include your email address so you can win (or you can remain anoymous if you prefer)!

* 1. How does GothicPlus.com compare to similar stores you've browsed online?

  Worse Average Tons Better
Overall Design
Ease of Use
Information about the Products

* 2. What do you think about our selection in the following categories:

  Need More Good Awesome!
Shoes & Boots
Home Decor

* 3. How important to your online shopping choice is each of the following?

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Coupon/Discount Available
Free Shipping Available
Reward/Loyalty Program
Ability to Call the Store/Contact Someone
Ability to Shop from my Phone
SMS Text Notices about my Order
Email Updates about my Order
Regular Email Newsletters
Store Active on Social Media
Recommendations/Testimonials from Other Customers
Recommendations/Testimonials from My Friends
Product Demonstration Videos

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* 5. Have you purchased from us before?

* 6. What other online stores do you purchase from and what do you love or hate about them?

* 7. Anything else you would like us to know or comment about?

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