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* 1. Are you currently or were you ever a student at Grinnell College?

* 2. What is your monthly income post tax (i.e. your take home pay)? (If you have a partner combine your monthly income and divide by 2)

* 3. How much do you spend per month on (if you have a spouse, take what you spend with your partner and divide by two)

* 4. How much do you save per month on average?

* 5. What do you currently have saved in these categories?

* 6. What is your current total debt? For credit card don't count balances you will pay off completely at the end of the month.

* 7. Do you track these expenditures?

* 8. Do you have a partner/spouse/roommate who you share expenses with?

* 9. Do you have children?

* 10. How many years have you been out of your last year of school? (including post-undergrad schooling: graduate school, medical school, what have you)