* 1. How long have you been a member of OWLS/MLLS?

* 2. Why do you belong to OWLS/MLLS? (Select all that apply.)

* 3. Please describe your practice area

* 4. How many MLLS events did you attend in 2010-11?

* 5. For those events that you did not attend, what was the primary reason?

* 6. Please select your three favorite MLLS programs from 2010-11. If you did not attend, please select the top three programs based on your interest in the speaker or topic.

* 7. For lunch-hour events (12:00 to 1:00 p.m.), which week day works best for you? Please rate your top three choices.

  First Second Third
No preference

* 8. Have you visited the MLLS blog: https://maryleonardlawsociety.blogspot.com?

* 9. Do you receive MLLS evites for upcoming events?

* 10. Please select which of the following social media you would like to use to stay connected with MLLS and learn about upcoming events. (Select all that apply.)