* 1. Your company:

* 2. Number of OCaml developers in your company

* 3. Name/email (optional)

* 4. Could you weight in this poll the main benefits for your company of using OCaml ?

  We chose it for that reason Critical for us Important Not important
Productivity of developers
Software Safety
Adaptability/Reusability of code
Fast Prototyping
Less Unitary Testing
Strong Typechecking
Execution Time
Small Memory Footprint
Open Source Code
Open Source Community

* 5. What could be improved in OCaml to better fit your needs ?

  Very important Important Useful Not important
Compiler Optimisations
Support for Multicore
Support for Networking/Distribution
Support for Namespaces
More warnings on code
Improved Emacs Mode
Better IDE (Eclipse plugin)
Better Building Tool (ocamlbuild, support of omake)
Native Debugger
Memory Profiler
Better Performance profiling
Bigger Standard library
Runtime Types
No 16MB restriction on 32 bits platform
Better Float Unboxing
Support for Cross Compilation
Better Toplevel
Faster Reactivity on Bug Reports
Better Documentation

* 6. Do you have other generic or specific needs with OCaml ?

* 7. What new features in or around OCaml would help you convince your friends/colleagues/partners/customers to use also OCaml ?