The South Lake Schools Board of Education remains committed to moving South Lake Schools forward with strategic and proactive thinking. They believe that good planning is a dynamic and on-going process, not a single event. Engaging in the Strategic Planning process accomplishes this goal while ensuring focus, alignment, and accountability throughout the District and to the community.
On January 17, 2024, the Board of Education supported the development of a new Strategic Plan for South Lake Schools which included the forming of an Advisory Committee to support this work. The Goal of the Advisory Committee was to provide guidance, thoughts, and honest communication when developing this plan.
The Advisory Committee was comprised of representatives of the Board, teachers, staff, parents/guardians, community members, clergy, local business owners, and high school students. The committee was tasked with revising or reaffirming the district vision, mission, and values and to establish areas of focus for the Strategic Plan.
After four meetings together, the Advisory Committee is seeking student, staff, parent/guardian, and community input on the draft vision, mission, and goal areas. This survey is anonymous.
The survey will be available for input through Monday, May 20, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.

Question Title

* 1. Vision:

South Lake Schools, together with our community, will create an environment that engages and nurtures learners.

I support the draft district vision:

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* 2. Additional Feedback regarding the draft vision.

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* 3. Mission:

South Lake Schools will ensure all learners achieve their full potential by providing diverse learning opportunities that foster growth and success.

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* 4. Additional Feedback regarding the draft mission.

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* 5. Draft Goal Areas to support the vision and mission:

Positive Culture and Climate

Communication and Engagement

Teaching and Learning supporting diverse practices, strong curriculum with fidelity, equitable access

Equitable resources, practices and policies meeting the changing needs of the learners and district

I support the draft goals:

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* 6. Additional Feedback regarding the draft goals.