* 1. Please enter your first and last name. If your name is hard to pronounce, please provide a phonetic
spelling as well (rhymes with ___ or NUH-RHINE for Narine).

* 2. What year of school will you be in this semester?

* 3. Have you had any experience working in a legal setting (firm, court, agency, clinic, other) BEFORE
coming to law school or DURING law school? Please answer yes or no and then describe the experience if
you answered "yes".

* 4. Do you hope to practice law after graduation? If no, what do you plan to do with your law degree?

* 5. Which type of practice appeals to you more?

* 6. Which client group would you prefer to represent?

* 7. Choose up to THREE fields of law in which you would most prefer to practice

* 8. In what setting would you most like to practice?

* 9. Do you need to sit in a particular section of the classroom?

* 10. What are your learning goals for this course?