Box Set Questions

Rogue Comet wants to publish a box set for the 5e White Box RPG (with 5.5x8.5" booklets — see image below).

With the positive response we're receiving from our ongoing Red Box crowdfunding campaign, we're also entertaining publishing a second version — a larger box with 8.5x11" booklets set for our 5e Red Box RPG. We'd like your feedback on these box set products!

Here's what we're thinking could be in a box set for the Red Box RPGwe'll have more room so we can add more content!:

1 Player's Guide (44 page booklet)
6 Pregen Characters
6 Player Rules Reference Cheat Sheets
6 Hex Graph Sheets (for hex crawls)

1 GM’s Guide (44 page booklet, includes hex crawl rules, random tables, and GM sandbox tools)
6 Unique 1-sheet adventures
1 8x10 Hex Region Map (an area of Redmark adventure setting)
1 Treasure Die-Drop Table Sheet (converts bottom of your box set to a a die-drop table for random treasure & magic items)
1 Set of Red Polyhedral Dice
1 Box (to store all the above products)

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Question Title

* 5. What else would you like to be in the box set? We'd love your ideas!