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The ALA is seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) from coaches to attend and complete the completely delivered online CLUB COACH COURSE.

To begin this process we are kindly asking coaches to fill out this online form providing the details about themselves, their coaching history. Following EOI we will provide further information to coaches regarding registration, payment and session details. 

The Club Coach Course is designed for coaches who are or would like to coach players at local domestic competition with in Foundation level (3)  and Talent level (1) of the ALA Participation Framework. This could range from Juniors to Seniors and/or experienced to novice players.

The course will cover 3 major units Manage Self, Manage Environment and Manage Others. A full description of learning outcomes can be viewed on the ALA Website.

The course will be delivered over 3 separate nights over 3 weeks in August and September via webinars.  However, coaches must understand that they will be required to complete work before each session such as further education, planning and designing training activities and games to present during the sessions. 

As the course content will be delivered via webinars and other web base platforms, to make the course more interactive, participants will be required to use either multiple devices or be able to flick between multiple browsers to fully participate in the course.

Coaches will be required to:

- Create an ALA Training account.
- Complete Pre Course work (additional education and home work activities).
- Attend all 3 online session delivered over zoom.
- Complete Post Course work (Worksheets 1,2,3 and 4: Answering questions, program planning (training sessions for a period of time) and a quiz.

If you have any questions please contact the ALA via email:
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