* 1. What music genre do you like best? (Pick only 1)

* 2. What decade of music do you like? (choose every decade that applies)

* 3. When do you listen most to WQRY106.com? (USA Eastern time)

* 4. What's the average amount of time you listen to WQRY106.com?

* 5. Do you enjoy listening to our dj's?

* 6. Do you have a favorite dj?

* 7. If Yes to above, who do you like and why do you like listening to them?

* 8. Does news and weather matter to you?

* 9. WQRY106.com produces many featured shows. What shows do you like? (check off all that apply)

* 10. What do you like most about WQRY106.com? What changes would you like to see on WQRY106.com?

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