1. Survey Questions

Please complete this survey to help maintain the quality of Solanco's athletic program.

* 1. For which athletic season are you completing the survey for?

* 2. Which Sport did you participate in during this season?

* 3. Which level did you participate in?

* 4. What is your current grade level?

* 5. Rate the following items related to your sport:

  Outstanding Above Average Average Needs Improvement Poor
Quality of the weight room
Quality of the fields
Quality of the equipment
Spirit level of the team
Coaching Staff

* 6. Comments for the ratings above:

* 7. Is your team given all the support it needs to be successful?

* 8. If you answered no for the question above, what areas need to be supported?

* 9. What reasons can you give for your participation in interscholastic sports?

* 10. Do you attend clinics/camps during the off season?

* 11. If you do not attend any, why?

* 12. Did you have a positive experience in participating in an athletic program?

* 13. How could that program be better?

* 14. How many interscholastic sports do you participate in during the school year?

* 15. What could we do to bring more students out for the teams?

* 16. What could we do to bring more spectators out to support the teams?

* 17. How did you feel about the support you get from:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
School Board

* 18. Now as you reflect upon it, having had such a successful season that raised your visibility as a representative of the school, list examples in the actions of either your team, your coach or yourself that demonstrated the Solanco Expectations? (Respect, Responsibility, Courage, and Kindness)