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Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey.  It is only 10-questions and should take less than 5-minutes to complete.  Please submit your response to the survey by April 28, 2019.  This is a Fire Protection Research Foundation project (NFPA's research affiliate) led by FireTox, LLC.    The goal of our survey is to determine how ongoing knowledge and skills proficiency are currently addressed in the Fire Service, as compared to various parallel professions, such as nursing, law enforcement, emergency medical care, and teaching.  The need to ensure that personnel have up-to-date and ongoing training is clear, but ensuring that need is fulfilled is often met with staffing, time commitment, and fiscal challenges. Your feedback is important in helping us to determine the best approach to take to ensure continued demonstration of knowledge and skills proficiency in the Fire Service.  A final summary report is scheduled for completion in August 2019 and will be made available through the Fire Protection Research Foundation's website.  More information on this study can be found by clicking here.

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