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Are you age 30 or under, and the primary carer for your younger sister, brother, niece, nephew, other young family member, or a child/teenager you have met through friends or work?

What is kinship care?
Kinship care is a term for the full-time (24/7) care of children or teenagers under age 18 by family members other than their mother or father.  It is also used to describe care by people known to the child/teenager through their community (but not in a formal foster care arrangement) . Often the carers are grandparents.  However there are also young people looking after children. We don’t know much about young kinship carers.

How does this relate to me?
If you are a young kinship carer, we hope you can help us. We would like to understand your experiences, what support you get (if any), and whether you are also at school or working. We will use this information to advocate for better services for young kinship carers. So your response to this survey will help other young people like yourself.

Who's running this survey?
The survey has been approved by the University of Melbourne and is being conducted by Meredith Kiraly and Professor Cathy Humphreys. If you have a question about the survey, please contact Meredith on                                 

If you had a complaint, you could ring the Human Research Ethics Officer on 8344-2073 and tell them that the survey is part of Project Number 1341257.1.

Who will see my answers?
The survey is completely confidential so please don't feel concerned about giving honest answers. You might be concerned that the researchers will be able to identify you, or that your family or the child's family might know what you said. Please be assured this will not happen.  Your name will not appear in anything that is published. You may choose to give your name only if you want us to contact you for any reason. If you do, we will destroy the record of your name and contact details after we have responded. The company hosting the online survey (Survey Monkey) has a secure firewall, and access to data is strictly controlled by electronic security and an access control system.

What happens to all the information you collect?
Results of the survey will appear in 2017 in a report on the website   We can let you know when it has been posted and can send you a copy if you wish.

OK, what do I have to do?
Only complete the survey if you want to. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) need an answer (although you can usually choose 'I don't want to say'). We encourage you to complete as much as possible, as every response is helpful to us.  You can choose if you want to make comments or not. Depending on your comments, the questionnaire should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your help with this research! Please read on…

* 1. Are you caring full-time (24/7) for one or more children or teenagers (under 18) who are related to you as sister, brother or other family relationship, or known to you through friendship or work?