We are interested in your opinion about the recent emergency medical assistance you received from the Lemont Fire Protection District. Please help us to improve our services by answering the questions below.

* 1. How would you rate the manner in which your call for service was handled by our 911 call center?

* 2. How would you rate the following of our personnel:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
The level of professionalism exhibited.
The level of competence, courtesy and concern displayed.
The explanation of care/treatment.
Overall, how would you rate the care you received from us.

* 3. Did you have a need, related to your emergency, that you felt was not addressed by our personnel?

* 4. Please tell us the single most important action we took that made you feel better.

* 5. What could we have done differently that might have made your experience more positive?

* 6. Any additional suggestions?

We welcome and encourage your recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

* 7. Out of respect for our customer’s privacy, we would like you to remain anonymous. However, if you would like us to contact you regarding this survey or our services, please provide us with contact information below: