Queer Anatomy: Beyond Enlargement

* 1. There seems to be a lot of publicity around transgenic transhumanism these days. Promoting human use of biotechnology to redesign ourselves is not the worst idea. Unfortunately, most human genetic modification advocates forget to think creatively about the full range of forms and beings we could force evolve ourselves into. They tend towards a naïve optimism based on futurist potentials, emphasizing: longer lifespan, more beauty and bigger brains. Where can fringe anatomical and metabolic goals take us, beyond enhancement, general enlargement and ‘goody two shoes’ betterment? What other directions might we investigate while redesigning ourselves? What resulting forms of genome bending would exemplify the politics and aesthetics of W. S. Burroughs fiction and theory? (See related concepts from his writings: i.e. cut-up, junkie life, control, language as a virus, Dr Benway.) What queer advice can we give to artists and engineers who would intentionally alter future peoples’ minds, senses, body differences and living décor?