This survey was created by the St. Louis Synaesthesia Research Team, University of Missouri, St. Louis. P.I.: Dr. Brit Brogaard, brogaardb@umsl.edu

* 1. Briefly describe why you think you have synaesthesia

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. How do your synaesthetic experiences compare to things you merely imagine in terms of clarity, brightness and detail?

* 5. If you experience colors when you think about or see numbers, which colors do you associate with the numbers 0 to 9?

* 6. If you experience letters as colored, what is the color of the letter "S"?

* 7. A projector synaesthete is someone whose synaesthetic experiences are projected out in the world. They are not just in the head. Do you think you are a projector synaestete?

* 8. Did you have these experiences when you were a child?

* 9. Do you suffer from migraine?

* 10. Contact information. We will contact you via email, if we have follow-up questions